Download the 2014 DALBAR Study
A Quantitative Analysis of Investor Behavior


Why should you download the 2014 DALBAR Study?

It calcuates the 1, 5, 10, and 20 year returns on the S&P 500, fixed income products, asset allocation portfolios, the benchmark bond index, and inflation.
It tells you why the  average investor returned over the last 20-years has earned only 5% (which is very low low).
It calculates the retention rate of mutual funds and bonds (how long they are held before being sold).
It illustrates how often the average investor guessed right or wrong each year over the last twenty years.
The DALBAR study is the most facinating 20-page report you will read in 2014 and it's one  every financial planner and insurance advisor should read.

Every advisor should have this report in hand when talking with clients about how to grow money for retirement.

For the first time the DALBAR Study has incorporated drawdown risk in its study. This is a very exciting addition to the study that dovetails with my 53-page investment risk white paper.

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