Advisor Success Stories/Glowing Advisor Training Comments

Advisor Training Comments
Advisor Success Stories

Comments about in person training

• "Most thorough training I've ever attended in almost 30 years on variable markets and how to position yourself as a dominate advisor."

• "This is a truly unique concept. I have been in this business for 32 years and this is most definitely the real deal."

• "If you want to be different in your marketplace, you must attend this training."

• "After 31 years in the business, the most excited I have been. Finally a place for my conservative senior clients other than FIAs!!!"

• "If you are serious about growing your business, this is the place you need to be."

• "I have been in the financial industry for 25 years & have seen a lot of dog and pony show - this is the real deal - straight forward and transparent."

• "We have found a home. Any new shiny stuff coming into my e-mail talking about what someone's program will do for me . . . . Delete!"

• "If you're looking at increasing your knowledge as a financial professional, POM is the place to receive straight and honest advice! I highly recommend them."

• "This training provided the missing chink in my armor that I can now provide w/complete confidence to my clients.  "Most valuable training I've ever attended."

• "This approach to risk management is a message that all clients need to hear."

• "Excited to once again get back into the markets via POM's investment platforms."

• "Best overall training for presenting portfolio evaluations to clients."

• "World class wealth management platform and mentoring."

• "The addition of the sleeve concept with non-correlated funds make a great platform even greater."

Advisor Success Stories

“I have been with POM Planning since late 2012. I love the tactical portfolios that the POM team has put together. The tactical sleeves work as they are designed by limiting the downside risk as well as participating on the upside. Having 12 tactical managers over multiple asset classes in the sleeves allows us to focus on our client relationships and not having to worry about the day to day movements of the multiple markets. The system allows us to position not only the AUM part of the portfolio, it also creates a perfect fit for the FIA and life insurance solutions available in client’s plans. POM’s systems and processes will allow any advisor that is serious about growing their business a perfect solution for success.”

Elite Advisor, April 2012, CO ($55M in AUM)

“I have found that when I made the decision to work with POM Planning as a IAR was one of the best decisions in my business I have ever made. They have always been there to support me in and help me in growing my business. The training is the best I have received on the broker and investment advisory side of my business over the last 15 years. We have become more professional and are kept up to date four times a month with their conference calls and attending the personal two and three day trainings that are held several times throughout the year. POMs team’s knowledge and foresight is amazing and if you follow their system with their help of their staff you will succeed. I would highly recommend POM Planning for anyone that has a series 65 and want to be with a top notch RIA.”

Elite Advisor, February 2012, UT ($27M in AUM)

“I have been with POM Planning since January of 2015 and it is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my 33 years in the business. I was basically just an "annuity advisor" on the fixed side for many years and was finding it more and more difficult to attract and retain high net worth and sophisticated clients. However, I didn't want to be a "stock jockey" and I wanted to be able to offer some sort of downside protection for my mostly conservative senior clients and prospects. POM has been all that and more. The training is cutting edge and the product is second to none. Access to software that helps us bury the competition, the weekly conference calls, and the service by the POM staff is the best I have experienced in 33 years. After just 2 years, my business has gone to the next level and I now have a clear path for how my career and business will evolve - something I didn't have a clue about before. Thanks for all you do and will do going forward.” Top Advisor, December 2014, NC ($21M in AUM)

“Being associated with POM has been a tremendous experience in a variety of ways. The platform POM has put together rivals the biggest and best investments firms (I should know since I was previously employed by one of the largest investment firms in the country). As I tell my clients "when you cut through all of the rhetoric, charts and graphs - the ONLY thing that matters is how your money is invested and how much risk you are really taking". The tactical asset managers at POM are literally some of the best investments available - bar none. The investments, training and back office support is of the highest levels, professionalism and integrity in all constraints. If anyone truly wants to do what is best for the client and the best for their career - being associated with POM will allow you to accomplish both.”

Elite Advisor, October 2010, OH ($20M in AUM)

“I started working with POM Planning about 3 years ago. I had NO experience whatsoever in working with securities. In fact, I did not like the securities world as there was so much risk involved with those types of investments. I’ve watched people lose, literally, everything they had saved for their retirement as the Dot Com bust and the Financial Crisis wiped them out twice. Then, I was introduced to POM’s platform of low-risk, low-volatility money managers. It seemed impossible that these platforms would actually exist and I did not understand why no one knew about them. POM’s training help me to understand. I got my Series 65 license and joined the POM team and never looked back. I grew my business from nothing to a very sizable number in a few short years. It’s a combination of POM training, their system and their managers. You put all 3 of these together and you can provide your clients with something they really want and need, market like returns on their investments with less than market risk. That is an amazing combination. The bottom line is, as an advisor, I get the satisfaction of doing something good for my clients and, for the first time in my career, I’ve also been able to create a steady ongoing residual income as well. Working with POM has clearly been a win/win situation for both my clients and me.”

Top Advisor, July 2013, CA ($10M in AUM)

“My association with POM Planning has revolutionized my practice, my business, and my income. Prior to joining POM, I had a one man RIA with less than $3M AUM - I intentionally did not try to grow that business because I did not want the liability and the responsibility of losing people's retirement nest egg when the market inevitably would tank. The capital preservation priority of the POM platform gave me the confidence to assertively offer these excellent managers and powerful strategies to all my prospects. Guess what? Almost all of them responded favorably and I have brought in over $25M to POM in 4 years. Since my primary client acquisition method is teaching the college retirement classes, I have to mention how helpful POM’s class and PowerPoints have been. For the first year in my career, I will likely hit $10M in annuity production. Most importantly, I know in my heart that I am doing the very best I can to protect and serve my clients. Thank you!”

Elite Advisor, May 2013, VA ($22M in AUM)

“We have been with POM Planning now for 34 months. After shifting our focus in 2011 and then using some alternatives pretty heavily, we had only grown our net AUM in the market to $3 million in the 3 years prior to moving to POM. Looking back on it, I think it was due to lack of process and confidence in the platform. I have watched the POM team continue to never be satisfied chasing the ultimate outcome of limiting the drawdown risk while maximizing the upside. We have had some tough, slushy and sideways markets in that 34 months so it's never perfect. The consistent movement towards proven models being incorporated into the sleeves that can make our clients money in multiple environments has kept us faithful and motivated. The amount of diversity that we give our clients across various account sizes is second to none that I have seen in the industry. We are currently just under $16 million net AUM in the market and growing. The POM team has always maintained a "client first" approach and commitment to being a fiduciary. That is in alignment with our core values and makes for a great partnership.”

Top Advisor, June 2014, TN ($16M in AUM).

“POM Planning has been a life changer for me. I never worked with investments before working with POM. The training is fantastic and the team really cares. I have tripled my business in the past 2 1/2 years, and now receive significant recurring revenue every quarter! My family took our first vacation in 14 years! Working with the POM team has changed my business life forever!”

Top Advisor, May 2014, WI ($15M in AUM)



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