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            It seems that meaningful training in our industry is nearly gone.

            What makes POM Planning absolutely unique in the RIA space is the extensive two-day training/workshop advisors can attend. If you would like a sign-up form to attend training, please e-mail

           Upcoming Training Dates

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            Our training is time tested, and advisors who go through it learn vital information so they can provide better services to clients and pick apart the brokerage-account statement of competitors so clients can understand:

            -how much risk they have in equities, bonds, etc.
            -exactly where their money is currently invested
            -why that may or may not be what the clients wanted
            -how much realized or unrealized gains or losses they have
            -and, most importantly, how clients could grow their money in a better managed platform that will reduce their risk and improve their yield.

            Proven training track record—POM Planning has been training advisors for years, and the track record of success from advisors who have attended training sessions is outstanding. The following is a testimonial from a typical advisor who attended training sessions (to read other testimonials, please click here):

            I wanted to give you some feedback as to how my experience has been in my first two months with POM Planning. As you were aware, I was an Annuity-and-Life-only agent before taking my 65 and joining your firm as an IAR. I must say it has been a blessing for my business. Having your portfolio platform to present to clients makes selling an annuity much easier. I have written a little over a million in annuity business in the last month and over $300,000 with Booked Money under Management. I have a little over a million in business that I am tying up loose ends to submit by the end of my second month. I have gone through my files of those clients who did not do business with me, and there are a little over a hundred million of investable assets to work with. I am optimistic that having more than a one-horse show to offer that I will be able to convert at least $10 million of that under management and at least $3 million in annuity business.

            Your training was so enlightening in creating wedges and doubts about their current advisers that I am confident of building my book quickly. POM Planning has been a game changer for my practice. Your support team is impeccable and makes it easy to do business.


            Sign up NOW to learn more—if you would like to learn more about how POM Planning can help you grow your business, earn more income, and provide better services to your clients, please click here to fill out a request-for-more-information form.

            A further summary of the benefits of our unique trainingthe purpose of our training is:

            -To have advisors understand we are the low risk, safe, and secure advisory firm.

            -To utilize our easy-to-understand money-management system to bring on 7 to 10 new clients per month.

            -To give advisors marketing ideas and a proven Assets Under Management (AUM) workshop they can use to pick up millions of dollars in new business.

            -To make the advisor so “Field Savvy” that they are not afraid of ANY competition. This is the brokerage-statement-analysis training we do.

            -To fully understand how to use the tax return to create more opportunities to pick up AUM and fixed life and annuity sales.

            -To help advisors analyze their client’s brokerage statements by scanning and sending them to the principal of POM Planning who will go over them one-on-one over the phone with advisors to pick them apart and find opportunities to help clients.

            -To understand the ease of using a three-bucket system to manage risk and to help determine a client’s investment risk tolerance.

            -To comprehend what investment RISK really is and how our platform minimizes our client’s risk.

            -To know that our platform has a higher probability of success and won’t go backwards over 5, 10, or 15 years plus.

            -To know that their growing investment AUM is not at risk if the stock market plummets.

            -To understand that the use of safe and secure FIAs is the foundation of a portfolio (like the foundation of a home).

            -To understand our easy-to-use objective, third-party financial review process.

            -To understand that they can be a “Financial Manufacturing Company” by following our processes.

            -To understand the mentality of the brokerage firms and banks and that they have to sell clients on their buy-and-hold model. For example, if UBS has 16,000 brokers, they all have to sing from the same hymn book. If not, UBS does not have a business model to project sales and profits for Wall Street which is why they sell so many proprietary products (products that many times are not in their client’s best interest).

            Sign up NOW to learn more—if you would like to learn more about how POM Planning can help you grow your business, earn more income, and provide better services to your clients, please click here to fill out a request-for-more-information form.


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