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           Updated 2017 Year-End--The 2017 year-end numbers have been compiled. See below the net returns of the top managers. To learn the specifics about all the managers offered by POM Planning, click here.

           -The top three "conservative" strategies have an average Beta of .31* with an average annual return going back ten years of 9.66%* net of fees.

           -The top three "moderate-risk" strategies have a Beta of .54* with an average annual return going back ten years of 14.64%* net of fees.

*Numbers year-ending 2017.

            What do clients want with actively managed money?

            Lower risk and possibly higher yields over 5, 10, 15+ years. That’s exactly why POM Planning was created. To offer clients a different type of money management platform that reaches for satisfactory rates of return without the risk typically associated with a portfolio made up of stocks, mutual funds, and bonds.

           The previous chart indicated that over the last five years our tactical manager #1 only slightly outperformed the bond index while substantially outperforming it over the last ten years. While this is interesting, what we believe is more interesting is their Beta. The tactically managed strategy is 65% less volatile than the bond index. Again, we believe in managing risk first and for advisors looking to offer low Beta tactical managers, we believe we have a platform that is certainly worth researching.

          Mitigating Drawdown

          The tactical money managers we use have strategies that seek to avoid large drawdowns. We further enhance the ability to avoid large drawdowns by recommending what we call "sleeves" investments. What is a sleeve? It's simply using multiple tactical managers together to mitigate drawdown. While the above example is one of our lower risk managers, let's look at our most aggressive strategy that is still in what we call a moderate risk sleeve.  This sleeve is made up of managers listed 9, 11, 12, and 13 in our historical/year-end rate of return summary (click here to download). For comparison purposes, we've put the 60% MCSI ACWI/40% Citi World Govt. Bond Index in the spreadsheet.

  Moderate Risk-Aggressive Sleeve  
   60% MCSI ACWI/40%
Citi World Govt. Bond
2016                     13.64%*                12.09%     1.55%
3-year                       9.54%*                6.27%     3.27%
5-year                      13.88%*                8.93%     4.95%
7-year                      13.65%*                8.5%     5.15%
10-year                      16.79%*                6.45%     10.34%
Average Beta (9-Years)                        0.31                0.62

           What's interesting about the above spreadsheet? Two things should jump off the page: 1) the Beta is 89% less for the moderate risk sleeve (50% less volatile than the 60/40 blended portfolio); 2) the rate of return is better. While past performance is no guarantee of future performance, we believe that many people would prefer lower risk with the opportunity to achieve similar or better rates of return when comparing ways to build wealth.

          Drawdown Chart

          The following is a drawdown chart with three lines. The gray line is the POM Planning moderate risk sleeve, the black line is the 60% MCSI ACWI/40% Citi World Govt. Bond Index, and we also threw in the green line which is the S&P 500. If you were to show this drawdown chart to clients, which one would they perfer?


           For the detailed information on our platform, please e-mail You can also download the 2016 year-end rate of return summary of our managers by clicking here (the download has disclosure information on all the tactical strategies we offer).   

             No-load Variable Annuity (VA) platform—POM Planning is excited to have the ability to allow clients to use our unique money management platform inside a no-load VA ($20 a month fee).  Using a no-load VA with our actively/conservative money management platform will allow clients to grow significantly more money for retirement because of the avoidance of annual capital gains taxes on the growth inside their account.  To learn more about our no-load VA, please click here.           

             Summary—If you want to put forth a money management platform to your clients that fits in well with the mindset of not going backwards* in down markets and generating acceptable returns in an up market, you should click here to learn more.           

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*Has loss risk so the portfolio could go down in value.


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