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            What do clients want with actively managed money?

            Low risk and possibly much high yield over a 5, 10, 15+ years. That’s exactly why POM Planning was created. To offer clients a different type of money-management platform that reaches for above-average returns without the risk typically associated with a portfolio made up of stocks, mutual funds, and bonds.

            Are you skeptical that we can deliver a low-risk and high-yield platform you can use to gather money under management?  Let’s look at the 5- and 10-year track record (year ending 2012) of one of our platforms and compare that the most popular measuring stock index (the S&P 500).

Conservative Wealth
S&P 500
Per Year
5-Year 14.34% 1.66% +12.68%
10-Year 10.37% 7.1% +3.27%

            Most of us know how pathetic the returns have been over the last ten years wherein we had two huge stock-market crashes. And the 20-year returns are not much better with a 4.25% for the average investor (2013 DALBAR study). Click here to download the DALBAR study.

            What kind of management style does this low risk/higher yield use?

            The manager’s proprietary investment model rotates generally four-to-six times per year between high-yield bond funds and cash or short-term bond funds.

            For example, in 2008, their model said to get out of high-yield bond funds and go to cash or short-term bond funds. As such, they were up +.69% for 2008 net after any fees or expenses. The S&P 500 was down 37.02% in 2008.

            In 2009, one of the low-risk, low-volatility Private Wealth Manager was up +32.53% net of any fees or expenses. The S&P 500 was ONLY up +26.49%. Defensive in a bad year and excellent returns in a good year—that’s what we want.

            A low-risk/actively managed portfolio?

            It is what is categorized as a "low-risk" portfolio style with 71% less risk than the S&P 500 (.29 BETA). This is driven home by the positive rate of return in 2008 when the stock market crashed.

            No-load Variable Annuity (VA) platform—POM Planning is excited to have the ability to allow clients to use our unique money-management platform inside a no-load VA ($20 a month fee).  Using a no-load VA with our actively/conservative money-management platform will allow clients to grow significantly more money for retirement because of the avoidance of annual capital gains taxes on the growth inside their account.  To learn more about our no-load VA, please click here.

            Summary—If you want to put forth a money-management platform to your clients that fits in well with the mind set of not going backwards* in down markets and generating significant returns in an up market, you should click here to learn more.

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           *Has loss risk so the portfolio could go down in value.


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